Looking for the easy yoke Jesus promised? Claim it by giving up.

How to Give Up

We crave control. That’s been part of our nature ever since Eve first reached out for the forbidden fruit. But if we truly want to rest in God’s peace, then we must purpose to let go and let God.

If you’re looking for real help on how (exactly) to find true, lasting results, keep reading. Inside How to Give Up, you’ll discover specific, step-by-step ways you can begin to let go of the control you never had in the first place. In short, you’ll learn how to let God do His job so you can do yours—rest in Him.

“The author was awesome when it came to talking about her life and how her perspective of life has changed, whether it was good or bad. She described in detail how things could turn around in my life…I also love how the author broke down things into my level so that I understood better. This author has inspired me to try and do better in my life. I highly recommend this story to all to read and learn from.” — Jenny B.

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