Creative Cue for Kids: Shape It Up!

Draw a simple shape on a piece of paper. (It can be a nondescript, organic shape or an easily recognized geometric shape.) Then, ask your child to look at it and imagine it as part of a greater picture. What does he or she see? What could be created from this shape? (This activity is equally effective using clouds in the sky rather than drawn shapes on paper.)

Next, share your own ideas, ensuring that they are completely different from that of your child’s. Continue until you’ve exhausted each other’s ideas.

Explain that even though you both had entirely different ideas, all of them were equally “good” or valid. Share that it is these different points of view that lead to discoveries and new inventions.

Point out to your child that they have a completely unique perspective . They have value. And their thoughts, feelings, and ideas all have value, too. Further explain that when their ideas are different than that of others, this is not bad—even if it feels uncomfortable. It’s simply proof that their imagination has dreamed up something no one’s thought of before!

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